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Winship Park

This active family wanted to create usable outdoor spaces on their steeply sloping, irregular-shaped lot. They also prioritized using natural materials and sustainable landscape techniques such as flow-through permeable pavers, rain gardens, swales, and bioretention basins. The result is a series of level play-spaces, gathering areas and vegetable beds  carved out of the hillside, all while preserving mature oak and buckeye trees. The view from the deck encompasses an artistic staircase and boulder cascade unfolding onto a meadow of low water-use grasses. Timber from a Monterey pine removed from the site was re-purposed as a hillside bench. The varying spaces and levels are connected to each other by a path that is soft underfoot, made from redwood timbers and crushed stone.


Architect: Studio BBA

Planting Design:

Annabelle Reber

Civil Engineer:

Pope Engineering 


San Anselmo, CA

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